Andee Rubin

Andee Rubin 
Senior Scientist 
617 873-9720

Program/Areas of Interest

Data literacy and statistical reasoning; Math in informal institutions, including zoos, science centers, and aquariums; Online professional development in math and science; Use of video as a source of mathematical data

TERC Projects

Biographical Summary

Andee Rubin, Senior Scientist, has done research and development in the fields of technology, educational research, and online learning for over 25 years. She has studied reading, writing, mathematics , and science education, often focusing on the roles software can play in teaching and learning. She is the author of a series of papers on the development of statistical reasoning beginning in 1983 that are widely recognized as seminal in the field of mathematics and statistics education. She is especially known for developing ELASTIC, one of the first pieces of software that allowed users to manipulate data distributions directly (so they were elastic representations), and for her early work on high school students’ understanding of sampling. Most recently, she has been collaborating on a theory of informal inference based in part on the VISOR project’s work with middle and high school teachers over the past four years.

In other pursuits, Andee developed a semester-long 12-credit Physics course as part of the Try Science curriculum, which is now available throughout the country via Walden University. For the past six years, she has worked with science centers, zoos, and aquariums to help them integrate math into their exhibits and programs. Her current projects also include INK-12—a study of the use of wireless networks of tablet computers in elementary and middle school classrooms; and S-CASTS—design of a collaborative system to help teachers understand what their students are doing with open-ended educational software.

Andee is the co-author of two books: Electronic Quills, on using computers for writing instruction with Chip Bruce, and Ghosts in the Machine, on the roles of women in technology design and use with Nicola Yelland, as well as dozens of papers and book chapters. For the past ten years, has been the math consultant for the PBS TV shows ZOOM and FETCH!

Selected Publications


AERA, NCTM, Member of the Editorial Board: Journal of the Learning Sciences, International Journal of Computers in Math Learning