TERC Presents: NCSM 2008

April 4, 2008

TERC researchers are participating in the following sessions at the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, April 7-9, 2008.

Tuesday, April 8

9:15am - 10:15am
Connecting Arithmetic and Algebra to Support the Range of Learners: Cases from Classroom-based Research

Susan Jo Russell (TERC), Virginia Bastable (Summermath for Teachers), Deborah Schifter (Education Development Center)

Abstract: We will present cases of teachers who are using work on articulating, representing, and justifying general claims about the operations to engage the range of learners in their classrooms, including students who are struggling and students who seek additional challenge. We will describe characteristics of teacher practices that support this work.

2:15pm - 3:45pm
Functions, Multiplication, and Focal Points: Functions in the Elementary Grades as a Context for Work on Multiplication

Deborah Schifter (Education Development Center), Virginia Bastable (Summermath for Teachers), Susan Jo Russell (TERC)

Abstract: Presenters share cases of elementary-level mathematics students working on activities that address linear functions. Presenters and audience, together, will examine the mathematical concepts students confront and consider how they are related to the core ideas of the elementary curriculum. These are discussed in the context of the NCTM Focal Points.