Principal Investigators: Martha Merson 

Funder: MA/DESE

ESE launched an ABE Mathematics and Adult Numeracy (Math) professional development program in the fall of 2013. This Math program was shaped in conversations with Adult Numeracy Center leaders at TERC in 2011-2014. Current professional development offerings are of varying intensity, several of which have already been developed and are being delivered in FY 2014 by Donna Curry. The Math professional development program's current offerings focus on adult numeracy research, the CCR standards for mathematics, aligning ABE program-wide math curricula with the CCR standards, math pedagogy and the math proficiency strands, and using MAPT math assessment score reports to improve instruction. Future math offerings will deepen and expand the current areas of focus and will address (a) how to contextualize curriculum, and (b) how the results of formative assessments can be used to improve math instruction. The Mathematics and Adult Numeracy professional development program will also include professional development offerings that focus on and/or integrate learning disabilities, learning difficulties, and universal design.

The Adult Numeracy Center will be the professional development provider for the Math priority instructional area and as such will be responsible for:

  • the promotion and delivery of the Math professional development program;
  • contributing to the development of the Math program's professional development offerings, in coordination with any consultants hired directly by ESE for this purpose;
  • the revision, as needed, of the draft ABE Math professional content standards and alignment between these standards, the CCR standards for mathematics, and the ABE Math professional development program;
  • collaborating with the ESOL professional development provider to incorporate math into ESOL instruction; and
  • providing ongoing technical assistance to ABE Math practitioners and programs.