Inquiry Curriculum Implementation Workshops

Onsite Implementation Workshops are grade–specific and designed for teachers new to the Inquiry Project curriculum. These workshops help teachers to become familiar with the curriculum’s goals, central concepts, investigations, and materials. Participants gain firsthand experience doing the investigations to get a feel for how students learn through inquiry. By the end of the workshop, participants have a solid grasp of the curriculum’s overarching conceptual story and core teaching strategies.

Talk Science Professional Development

Talk Science PD is a blend of web-based study, opportunities to try ideas in the classroom, and face-to-face study group meetings designed to help teachers increase the effectiveness of classroom science discussions. In the program, participants deepen their understanding of important science concepts, develop a vision of the role of discussion in science meaning making, and develop nine strategies that support productive discussion. A rich collection of video cases, aligned with the Inquiry Curriculum, provide just-in-time, contextualized support.