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Publisher:   Tumblehome Learning

MiM is a set of activities and resources for after-school educators, librarians, camp counselors, parents, and others who spend time with children in grades K-6. Aligned with the Common Core Math Standards K-5, MiM builds children’s skills in geometry, measurement, arithmetic, estimation, time, data, patterns, and algebra.

MiM Card and Game Deck
Jump Ship & Other Card Games

Fast-paced games combining logic, strategies, arithmetic, and probability. Ideal for ages 4–12. Fun for teens and adults too!

  • 54 durable playing cards, 0–10 in four suits plus wild cards
  • 9 card games which include competitive, cooperative, and easier/harder versions for 22 ways to play
  • also available in Spanish

MiM Game Boards
Blockade & Other Board Games

Board games that mix spatial thinking, strategies, and logic.

  • eight dry erase board games, with markers, eraser, and game instructions
  • competitive, cooperative, and easier/harder versions for 28 ways to play
  • also available in Spanish

Mixing in Math Dice Games
Lucky Tens & Other Games

Dice games that sharpen strategies and logical thinking for all ages! Players build skills in arithmetic, tens and ones, probability, and recognizing shapes.

  • 10 Dice—two six-sided, two eight-sided, two ten-sided, two 12-sided, two blank six-sided
  • four dice games (competitive and cooperative variations)—12 ways to play

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