Version: 5


Publisher: NSTA Press


The Science by Design series offers a method for high school students to successfully develop and carry out product design. These teacher-tested units introduce the design process and sharpen student abilities to investigate, build, test, and evaluate similar products. All four volumes are keyed to the National Science Education Standards, the Benchmarks for Science Literacy, and the International Technology Education Standards.

  • Construct-A-Glove

A hands-on opportunity for students to explore principles of physics and technology necessary to construct and test an insulated glove.

  • Construct-A-Boat

Students experience the practical application of mass, speed, and acceleration while applying the math and science necessary to build a scale model of a boat.

  • Construct-A-Greenhouse

Through building a greenhouse model, students apply concepts in thermodynamics, light absorption, and plant biology. At the same time, they evaluate cost constraints, construction alternatives, and environmental changes.

  • Construct-A-Catapult

Students integrate history, physics, mathematics, and technology to investigate elasticity, projectile launching, and frequency distribution while designing and building a working catapult system.