SEEC offers consultation, external evaluation, and research support for existing STEM education grants and programs, and we collaborate with proposal writing teams to design studies.  SEEC staff respond to clients at various points in the process, focusing on needs assessments, formative development and feedback, summative outcomes, sustainability, and dissemination.

Our projects range in scale from close observations of individual training events to implementation of multi-year, multi-site evaluations on local, state, and national levels. We are experienced quantitative and qualitative researchers who understand the affordances and constraints of different methods and approaches, and can design instruments and studies, collect and analyze data, and report results whether they are highly nuanced descriptions of a phenomenon, multi-faceted comparisons of outcomes, or evidence of causal impact. 

As researchers, evaluators and principal investigators who focus solely on STEM education, SEEC’s expertise is grounded in theory and practice.  We work on the cutting edge of disciplinary, curricular, instructional, and methodological practices in STEM education.

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