Publisher: Learning Company

Help the Zoombinis escape! The big bad bloats have taken over the Zoombinis' island home. Kids must rescue them from impending disaster and lead them on a journey through 12 challenging puzzles to a new island home.

Winner of the prestigious 1997 Cody Excellence Award, the Bologna International New Media Prize, and numerous other accolades, this entertaining computer game takes children on a puzzle-filled adventure that builds math thinking skills along the way! Choosing from different Zoombini attributes of hair style, nose color, eyes, and mobility, kids create their band of Zoombinis. As they solve the puzzles to reach Zoombiniville, children can develop skills in data analysis and sorting, hypotheses formation, graphing, logical reasoning, statistical thinking, pattern recognition and set theory. The puzzles reformulate and adjust to a player's skill level each time a band of Zoombinis is led through the puzzles. Players never solve the same puzzle twice.

Recommended for ages 8 and up. Available on