Principal Investigator:

Tabletop 2 is revising and expanding the popular visual data tool, Tabletop. Developed with NSF and industry funding, Tabletop is known for its power and transparent simplicity, and has reached an estimated 85,000 classrooms nationwide. This project leverages Tabletop's strong classroom record, publisher support and industry interest, offering schools the basis for a coherent data literacy strategy.

Tabletop 2 will build a comprehensive set of data literacy resources to enable students and teachers to use data meaningfully across subjects and grades. The project aims for impact on a large scale: at project completion, publication of a tool and supporting materials with proven ability to raise and leverage students’ data literacy through use across the curriculum; five years later, millions of children nationwide beginning to show these effects; ten years later, with convergence of national curriculum and assessment efforts around common data literacy tools, a significant increase, at the national level, in students’ understanding and appreciation of science and mathematics through data-based inquiry.