Publisher: TERC

Unit Guides are available for all 52 units of Investigations in Number, Data, and Space®, copyright 2008-2012. (These Unit Guides do not address the content changes included in the Investigations® and the Common Core State Standards companion materials.)

Unit Guides are: 

  • Written by the authors of Investigations.
  • Designed as a study guide to help teachers become comfortable with the mathematical content, activities, and structure of each unit.
  • Created to provide an in-depth professional development experience.

Each Unit Guide is designed to take three hours but can be adapted and used flexibly in a variety of settings. To learn more about the Unit Guides, and how best to incorporate them into your professional development program, visit

A CD of all the Unit Guides is available from TERC, for $150 (credit card or check only). The CD includes a Unit Guide for every unit, organized by grade level. (Note:The Unit Guides are only available as a K-5 set; they cannot be purchased by grade level.) To download an order form, please click here.