Publisher: TERC

Originally developed by TERC with funding from NSF, the What’s the Weather? unit belonged to the Kids Network series published by the National Geographic Society (NGS). In the universally designed eBook unit for grades 3-5, students with and without sensory disabilities, specifically those who are deaf or hard of hearing and blind or have low vision, have opportunities to consider weather as the condition of the air at a particular place and time. To do this, they conduct hands-on and online investigations about moisture, temperature, air pressure, and wind. They use displays of their data and publicly available weather data to find out what the weather is in their location and in other locations of interest.

The What's the Weather? unit materials include a Teachers Guide and a Student Packet. Each of these can be downloaded and viewed as either an eBook (on Mac, iPad, or iPhone) or PDF. All versions of the unit materials can be downloaded free from the project web site at and from iTunes at and