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Judy Vesel

—Closing the Gap, October/November 2015

Judy Vesel

—Closing the Gap, October/November 2015 

 "An ecosystem has living and nonliving things. I did not know that before." "I found out evolution and change are almost the same."

Are these students talking about what they learned from reading their science textbook, watching a video or taking a field trip? No, they are describing what they learned from the SigningAvatar® characters, the 3-D figures who appear in the Signing Math & Science dictionaries.

Developed by TERC and Vcom3D, the series of nine standards-based signing dictionaries offers K-12 students who are deaf or hard of hearing increased access to science and math content. Available as app and Web versions, they are:

K-4:Image Added

  • Signing Science Picture Dictionary (SSP)
  • Signing Math Picture Dictionary (SMP)


  • Signing Science Dictionary (SSD)
  • Signing Math Dictionary (SMD)


  • Signing Earth Science Dictionary (SESD)
  • Signing Life Science Dictionary SLSD)
  • Diccionario de Señas de Ciencias de la Vida (DSCV)
  • Signing Physical Science Dictionary (SPSD)
  • Diccionario de Señas de Ciencia Física (DSCF)


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