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Coming soon . . .
Principal Investigator:

Dan Barstow


Earth and Space Sciences

Grade Levels:

Elementary, Middle School, High School



Project Website: 



The Boston Museum of Science is building a permanent exhibit, entitled “Predicting the Future: The Science and Technology of Weather Forecasting.” The exhibit will include on-line resources, video clips, and connections to the museum's popular Van de Graaf Generator.

TERC’s role has three components:

  1. TERC will serve as an advisor in the development and implementation of the weather portal in the museum exhibit. This will focus especially on the concept of understanding and fine-tuning forecasts based on current satellite and radar data.
  2. TERC will develop a web site featuring a core set of publicly available satellite and radar images, along with an online tutorial to help people use these resources. The tutorial will be targeted for people to use at home or on public-access computers, before or after their museum experiences.
  3. TERC will develop a 50-minute group learning activity for use in the museum’s computer center. This experience will help visitors learn a few core concepts of using online weather information sources. It will also include a booklet of supplementary materials for teachers who participate in this activity with their students.