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Play & Learn with Zoombinis

12 math-based logic puzzles, each with 4 levels of difficulty.
Sort, sequence, and match these quirky blue characters to help them escape the evil Bloats and get to the safety of Zoombiniville.
Teachers grades 3-8 can sign up for the study, bridging activities, and standards matching at:


600+ exceptional resources for secondary and post-secondary educators—lessons and activities, videos, interactives, animations, and more!

  • easy-to-search database—search by topic, grade level, climate literacy and/or energy literacy
  • resources vetted by scientists and educators for all disciplines­—geosciences, biology, environmental science, chemistry, physics
  • aligned with Climate and Energy Literacies, AAAS Benchmarks, NAAEE Guidelines, and NGSS

The Inquiry Project

The Inquiry Project takes a unique approach to a study of matter for grades 3–5, bringing together core ideas, scientific practices, and crosscutting concepts. The curriculum for each grade is built around a network of science concepts relevant to understanding matter and include ideas about material, weight, and volume. As they learn about the core idea of matter, students use scientific practices that are central to inquiry such as reasoning from evidence, building and using models, and developing explanations.

Test the New Stardust Mystery Game

Players enter a virtual world and immerse themselves in time-travel as they ask questions of experts such as Albert Einstein to solve the mystery of stardust.
Enables personalized learning of NGSS topics in Structure and Properties of Matter, Space Systems, and other areas.
Pilot-testing for teachers (grades 5-8) and their students will occur online and/or face-to-face and is designed to accommodate teacher needs and schedules.
For more information, contact Tara Robillard

Pilot the Inclusive What’s the Weather? eBook

Designed for teachers (grades 3-5) and their students, the inclusive eBook includes online and/or hands-on inquires that result in data students use to answer a question about the weather in their local area. Each activity has a reading and an activity sheet and can be done as a stand-alone or in combination with other activities.
Accessible to students with sensory disabilities, the eBook has an interactive glossary with ASL videos of signed terms, audio descriptions of illustrations, and computer voice files of text elements.
For more information, contact Tara Robillard (