Sue DoublerSenior Researcher 
(617) 873-9600

Program/Areas of Interest

Improving inquiry-based science teaching and learning at the elementary and middle school level with particular attention to using technology as a tool for investigation

TERC Projects

Biographical Summary

Susan J. Doubler, Ph.D., is co-leader of the Center for Science Teaching and Learning at TERC. She is currently Principal Investigator of the Inquiry Project, an NSF-funded project to develop a learning progression in Matter for grades 3-5. The learning progression lays the foundation for understanding the particulate model of matter in middle school. The project involves curriculum development, professional development, and a longitudinal study of student learning. Sue is also Principal Investigator of the Talk Science Project, an NSF-funded project to improve classroom science discussions, and Co-Principal Investigator of the Fulcrum Leadership Institute—a math and science partnership with Tufts University. She recently led the development and implementation of a fully online master’s program in science education for K-8 teachers. Her work focuses on the interface between science education and technology with the aim of using technology to help further inquiry-based science learning. She is also an Associate Professor of Science Education at Lesley University. Before coming to TERC, she was an instructional specialist and teacher in the Winchester Public Schools.

Selected Publications

  • "Can teachers learn through inquiry online?" Sue Doubler and Wynne Harlen (2004) International Journal of Science Education 26 (1) pp. 1-21.
  • "Learning Progressions as tool for curriculum development: Lessons from the Inquiry Project"  Marianne Wiser, Carol L. Smith, and Sue Doubler. In A. Alonzo & A. Gotwals (Eds.), Learning Progressions in Sciences. Boston: Sense Publishing.
  • "Online professional development: Science inquiry in the online environment" Sue Doubler and Wynne Harlen (2004) Online Professional Development for Teachers Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing. pp. 87-104
  • "Science learning and teaching: A case of online professional learning" Sue Doubler (2006) Online Professional Development for Teachers Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press. pp. 117-135.
  • "The role of representations in shaping a community of scientific inquiry online" Andee Rubin and Sue Doubler. In J. Falk, & B. Drayton (Eds.), Creating and Sustaining Online Professional Learning Communities (pp. 153-174). New York: Teachers College Press.


Massachusetts Hall of Fame for Science Educators