Research Scientist  

Program/Areas of Interest 

Informal STEM education; family learning; early childhood; interest and identity developmentSTEM practices and thinking skills; system perspectives on education and learning; qualitative and quantitative research methods

TERC Projects 

Biographical Summary 

Scott Pattison, PhD, is a social scientist who has been studying and supporting STEM education and learning since 2003, as an educator, program and exhibit developer, evaluator, and researcher. His current work focuses on engagement, learning, and interest and identity development in free-choice and out-of-school environments, including museums, community-based organizations, and everyday settings. Dr. Pattison specializes in using qualitative and quantitative methods to investigate the processes and mechanisms of learning in naturalistic settings. He has partnered with numerous educational and community organizations across the country to support learning for diverse communities.

Selected Publications 

Pattison, S. A., & Dierking, L. D. (2018). Early childhood science interest development: Variation in interest patterns and parent-child interactions among low-income families. Science Education. Article »

Pattison, S. A., Gontan, I., Ramos-Montañez, S., & Moreno, L. (2018). Identity negotiation within peer groups during an informal engineering education program: The central role of leadership-oriented youth. Science Education, 102(5), 978–1006. Article »

Pattison, S. A., Weiss, S., Ramos-Montañez, S., Gontan, I., Svarovsky, G., Corrie, P. G., ... Smith, C. (2018). Engineering in early childhood: Describing family-level interest development systems. Paper resented at the NARST 91st Annual International Conference, Atlanta, GA. Paper »

Falk, J. H., Pattison, S. A., Meier, D., Bibas, D., & Livingston, K. (2018). The contribution of science-rich resources to public science interest. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 55(3), 422–445. Article »

Pattison, S. A., Svarovsky, G. N., Gontan, I., Corrie, P., Benne, M., Weiss, S., ... Ramos-Montañez, S. (2017). Teachers, informal STEM educators, and learning researchers collaborating to engage low-income families with engineering. Connected Science Learning, 4. Article »

Pattison, S. A., Randol, S. M., Benne, M., Rubin, A., Gontan, I., Andanen, E., ... Dierking, L. D. (2017). A design-based research study of staff-facilitated family learning at interactive math exhibits. Visitor Studies, 20(2), 138–164. Article »

Andanen, E., Rubin, A., Pattison, S. A., Gontan, I., & Bromley, C. (2017). REVEAL responsive museum facilitation: A video-based reflection guide for engaging with families at interactive exhibits. Portland, OR: Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Article »

Pattison, S. A., Rubin, A., & Wright, T. (2017). Mathematics in informal learning environments: A summary of the literature (updated)Article »

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