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Gilly Puttick

Program/Areas of Interest

Life sciences and climate change; Lab-based learning; Technology integration; Interdisciplinary learning

Biographical Summary

Dr. Puttick is currently a co-leader of the Life Sciences Group at TERC. This group seeks to understand the nature of students’ encounters with living systems through laboratory experiences, and the ways in which the affordances of technology can enhance learning.

Her current work focuses on the intersection of environmental science, biological sciences, technology integration, engineering, robotics and computational thinking practices in middle school.  Gilly is currently the principal or co-principal investigator of two projects: Research on the Development of Computational and Systems Thinking in Middle School Students through Explorations of Complex Earth Systems and Designing Biomimetic Robots. Research questions being addressed include:

  • How does the integration of data, techniques, tools, theories and perspectives from more than one discipline position students to solve problems whose solutions are beyond the scope of a single discipline?
  • How does participatory pedagogy – which draws on the cultural and social resources that students bring to the classroom – support interdisciplinary learning and broaden participation?

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Puttick, G., Drayton, B., Pickett, S. and Berkowitz, A. Environmental Science and Biocomplexity.  Mt. Kisco, NY: Its About Time Publishers. (Textbook to appear)


American Education Research Association, National Science Teachers Association, National Association of Biology Teachers, Ecological Society of America, Learning Disabilities Association