Director of Research, EdGE at TERC

Program/Areas of Interest

Game-based learning; Innovative Learning and Assessment Environments; Data literacy

TERC Projects

Biographical Summary

Elizabeth, a senior researcher at TERC, studies and develops innovative uses of technology in and out of schools with a current focus on game-based learning. Dr. Rowe is currently the Director of Researcher for the Educational Gaming Environments group at TERC where she oversees the research design, data collection, and analysis for several NSF projects including Zoombinis Implementation Study, Leveling Up, Taking Games to School, SportsLab 2020, Revealing the Invisible, and the Finnish-US Network. Elizabeth’s background includes a Bachelor’s in Math and a Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies. 

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Selected Publications

Rowe, E., Asbell-Clarke, J. & Baker, R. (2015). Serious game analytics to measure implicit science learning. In C.S. Loh, Y. Sheng, & D. Ifenthaler (Eds.), Serious Game Analytics: Methodologies for Performance Measurement, Assessment, and Improvement. Springer Science+Business.

Rowe, E., Baker, R., & Asbell-Clarke, J. (2015, July). Strategic moves as mediators of implicit science learning. Paper presented at Eighth international conference on Educational Data Mining society in Madrid.

Asbell-Clarke, J. & Rowe, E. (2014).  Scientific inquiry in digital games. In F. Blumberg (Ed). Learning by Playing: Frontiers of Video Gaming in Education.  Oxford University Press: New York.

Asbell-Clarke, J., Edwards, T., Larsen, J., Rowe, E., Sylvan, E., & Hewitt, J. (2012). Martian Boneyards: Scientific Inquiry in an MMO Game. International Journal of Game-Based Learning, 2(1), 52-76.


International Society of the Learning Sciences, American Education Research Association, Educational Data Mining Society, Society for Learning Analytics Research