Brian DraytonCo-Director, Center for School Reform 
617 873-9627

Program/Areas of Interest

Inquiry in science; Electronic communities; Teacher change; Ecology and life science curriculum; Discourse analysis; Public understanding of science

Biographical Summary

I have been at TERC since 1986 (with a 4-month hiatus in 1988), working on a wide range of projects, primarily in the following fields:

  • Research: (in projects such as The Inquiry-Based Science Classroom in ContextResearching Science in the Wireless High SchoolUnder the Microscope)
  • Curriculum development: (Biocomplexity and the Habitable PlanetGlobal LabThe Ecology CurriculumAstrobiologyStar SchoolsMBL)
  • Teacher Professional Development: (Hands-On Elementary ScienceTeacher Enhancement in Pedagogy through Ecology (TEPE), Lab-net)
  • Electronic communities: (Lab-netLSC-NetGlobal LabEyes to the FutureMSPNet and IGERT Resource Center)

Before coming to TERC, I worked as a freelance editor, ran a rest home for 3 years, and worked in the customer education department of LISP Machine, Inc. I have a Ph.D. in Plant Ecology, and undergraduate and graduate degrees in linguistics. I am married to Darcy Drayton, an artist; we have two grown sons.

Selected Publications