Project Director:  Donna Curry


EMPower Professional Development Workshops are an exciting opportunity for adult numeracy teachers interested in maximizing the quality of mathematics instruction for adults and out of school youth. EMPower workshops are designed to make math accessible to teachers at all levels of "math comfort"—from the skittish to the confident. Together, teachers will expand their ideas of what it means to do math, focusing on reasoning, communication, and problem solving (in adult contexts) with a variety of approaches and strategies, not just one rote memorization of procedures.

TERC has previously delivered workshops for the Arizona Department of Education, Kentucky Adult Education, Kansas Board of Regents, NYC Office of Adult and Continuing Education, the California Council for Adult Education, and others.

Workshop Features

  • Multi-day intensive sessions
  • Hands-on, minds-on mathematical investigations
  • Reflection on practice
  • Connection with current math ed research and standards
  • Suitable for ABE, preGED, and GED classrooms
  • Can be customized to other populations (e.g., alternative high schools, college developmental programs, workplace, or corrections)

The workshops are designed to connect teachers to the exemplary EMPower curriculum.

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