Principal Investigator: Sue Doubler and Linda Grisham

Funders: U.S. Department of Education


Introducing inquiry and current technology resources into classroom science in ways that result in sound understanding of scientific concepts is a challenge that requires new and innovative teaching paradigms. TERC and Lesley University have developed Try Science, an online science education course for K-8 teachers, curriculum specialists, and instructional resource persons. This user-friendly course engages participants in doing science to extend their understanding of concepts and skills. It provides a framework for rethinking teaching strategies and encourage teachers to try new ideas in their own classrooms. Try Science is the first in a series of science courses in an online master's degree program in science education. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education's Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education.

For more information contact Lesley University's Office of Graduate Admissions at 617-349-8300, 800-999-1959 ext. 8300, or by email at For project information, see below.Research Report

In 2003, TERC published "An Investigation of Try Science Studied Online and Face-to-Face," a report on NSF-funded research examining how learning outcomes for a group of K-8 science teachers differed in online and face-to-face environments.