Principal Investigator: Joni Falk

Funders: National Science Foundation



The Exploratorium, in collaboration with University of Colorado in Boulder; University of Washington in Seattle; Education Development Center in Waltham, Massachusetts; Inverness Research of California, and TERC have formed a Research+Practice Collaboratory to strengthen connections between research and practice in K-12 STEM education across formal and informal settings. The Research+Practice Collaboratory is working with leading educational professional associations and other STEM advocates in leveraging existing knowledge and practices to collect, create, and synthesize translational research resources to expand STEM educators’ and educational leaders’ access and awareness to current relevant research and STEM educational researchers’ access to high quality programs and practices; support multiple opportunities for cross-sector (research and practice, education and social sciences, formal and informal) meetings to foster critical engagement and cultural exchange; and test, document, and innovate new resources and mechanisms at three Adaptation Sites and disseminate both products and results through the R+P Resource Center.