Principal Investigator: Sue Doubler and Harold McWilliams

Funders: National Science Foundation


Talk Science is developing and studying web-based professional development that encourages productive classroom talk, helping teachers engage with science to linguistically meld subject (discipline) and practice (inquiry) to the benefit of their students.

Aligned with the NSF-funded Inquiry Project curriculum (grades 3-5 physical science), Talk Science professional development focuses on academically-productive talk as central to student understanding in inquiry-based, conceptually-driven classroom study. The web-based professional development resources will be available for teachers to use in the context of school-based study groups as they implement the Inquiry curriculum. These web resources include video cases of scientists engaged in inquiry as they conduct student investigations from the curriculum and cognitive psychologists and linguists reflecting on meaning-making discussions in the classroom. The research component of this project will examine the process by which teachers make use of these resources; the effects of the professional development resources on teacher thinking and practice; and their effects on classroom culture and learning.

Partners for this project include Clark University, Tufts University, and the Education Development Center.