Principal Investigator: Mary Jane Schmitt

Funders: National Science Foundation


TERC, in partnership with the Center for Learning Studies at the University of Tennessee, will develop, pilot and field-test an approach to standards-based mathematics in-service professional development, using recently developed standards and curriculum for the Adult Basic Education system. The model will be piloted and field-tested with math teachers in six states whose students are in adult educational functioning levels 3 and 4 (approximately a 4th to 8th grade equivalent). The model uses teacher inquiry and reflective learning to engage teachers in learning how to design and implement effective mathematics instructional approaches for algebra and data analysis.

The mathematics test of the GED has the lowest passing rate of the five tests, one indication of the need for professional development for pre-GED and GED teachers that builds their understanding and instructional abilities in mathematics. This project will produce a professional development model that can be replicated nationally. The project will build on the team's groundbreaking work in standards and curriculum development in adult mathematics education and in collaborative professional development.

Key components of the year-long model include an initial institute on data, a second institute on algebra, classroom investigations, regional teacher meetings between institutes, website support, and a final institute.