Principal Investigator: Judy Vesel

Funders: National Science Foundation


Little is known about the use of dictionaries in home settings to help parents of children who are deaf and hard of hearing and their children develop visually-based ways of communicating about science that increase access to informal science learning and about what terms and types of home activities serve to maximize access to science learning in informal settings and support STEM learning in school. To increase the knowledge base, this project is using web-based and iPod versions of the Signing Science Pictionary (SSP), to investigate 1) the extent to which the terms and SSP-based activities increase the ability of parents and their children to engage in science learning prior to, during, and after a family visit to an informal science education institution; and 2) the usability and feasibility of the SSP interface. This project builds on research that led to the development of the Signing Science Dictionary (SSD)—a dictionary of ~1,300 science terms and definitions for grades 4-8. The SSD was funded in part by grants from NEC Foundation of America, the National Science Foundation (HRD-0533057), and the Department of Education (H327A060026).

The National Science Foundation has made this project possible through grant number DRL-7014744