Principal Investigator: Erin Bardar

Funders: The Watson Institute for International Studies


TERC is designing the citizen science component for Seasons of Change, an interactive traveling exhibition that will illustrate the impact of climate change on regional landscapes over the changing of the seasons. Seasons of Change is a project pioneered by the Watson Institute of International Studies at Brown University and is being developed in collaboration with the New England Science Center Collaborative (NESCC), Jeff Kennedy Associates (JKA) Planning and Design team, and simulations designers from Tactable Inc. The exhibits will show how environmental effects that people are already observing in New England and North Carolina are supported by long-term data sets that can support projections for the future.

The exhibit aims to motivate visitors to look for signs of climate change in their own local environments and to actively recognize how personal choices can make an impact on climate. The projected exhibits will include “citizen science” components that 1) encourage visitors to explore how hosting institutions are monitoring and measuring climate change data, and 2) provide resources for visitors to participate in data collection themselves during their visit to the science center and/or at home.