Principal Investigator: Brian Drayton and Joni Falk

Funders: National Science Foundation

TERC's Center for School Reform is conducting a 3.5-year study of science teaching in high schools that are pioneering in the use of wireless technology and 1-to-1 computing. The study will identify and analyze the problems that schools and teachers face when integrating the new tools in the science classroom environment. It will also explore the value added to science teaching and learning in classrooms using this technology, and compare the issues and benefits present for different subject areas, such as biology, physics, and chemistry.

The study is designed to rapidly provide districts and schools who are considering the installation of this technology with usable knowledge regarding technology implementation, integration with content, and classroom infusion. In addition, the study will provide the basis for professional development models to support teachers as they learn to integrate the capabilities of ubiquitous computing in their science classrooms. Finally, we expect this work will pave the way for future research on issues of science teaching and learning in ubiquitous computer environments.