Principal Investigator: Judith (Judy) Storeygard

Funders: The National Science Foundation


TERC is the evaluator for Project AIM (All Included in Mathematics), an NSF-funded project whose goal is to facilitate mathematics communication in the classroom as a viable form to support all students in learning meaningful mathematics content. The project is developing, implementing, and refining a 40-hour professional development program with instructional supports for mathematics coaches and teachers that will use best practices for classroom communication—applying to mathematics teaching and learning what has been learned in the field of literacy about reading, writing and communicating.

This project has initially been conceived as a design experiment and will include successive design cycles in which new implementation strategies and revisions to the instructional supports will be employed. The first design cycle will be focused on supporting second grade teachers as they implement the core “Math Talk” component of the Math Expressions textbook (second grade chosen correspondent to the lack of end of grade testing; the notable divide between additive and multiplicative thinking; and the crucial phase in language development). The supports will be aligned to the topical areas of addition, subtraction, and geometry. Of special interest to the project is the use of instructional strategies to promote mathematics communication among ELL students and emerging readers and writers. These strategies should be beneficial to all students and will be embedded into teachers’ daily instruction.

TERC ‘s evaluation will test AIM’s efficacy in supporting meaningful mathematics communication in the classroom and examine issues related to scaling up the professional development to serve a larger group of teachers.