Principal Investigator: Joni Falk and Brian Drayton

Funders: National Science Foundation

Website: MSPnet

This 5 year-grant will support the continuing design, development and maintenance of—to include MSPnet’s technical development; content and online media creation; outreach, dissemination, and community facilitation efforts; and research and evaluation efforts. In its third iteration, MSPnet will be updated with an enhanced electronic and human infrastructure to meet the needs of an increasingly large and technologically-fluent membership. MSPnet is the TERC-designed-and-developed collegial electronic network and infrastructure for the National Science Foundation’s Math-Science Partnership (MSP) program. MSPnet was first launched in January 2004 with 351 pre-registered members representing the initial round of MSP project personnel. It was introduced to provide a mechanism within and across nationwide MSP projects to share resources, research, tools, best practices, and networks in the K-12 and higher education partnering communities. Since then, the network’s membership has grown to over 7,200, with an additional 2,500 people subscribed to a weekly guest newsletter. In addition to members (membership is only offered to those affiliated with an active MSP), MSPnet attracts broad public interest. To date, MSPnet has had over 1.5 million unique visitors to the site who have accessed over 7.6 million page views.