Principal Investigator: Eli Tucker-Raymond

Funder:  The National Science Foundation


The Literacies in Engineering for Access and Participation Conference will take place May 2 - May 3, 2017 at the University of Texas San Antonio. 

Our conference goals are to bring together education scholars for the purpose of creating a research agenda at the intersection of equity, engineering, and literacy. We would like to review the state of knowledge to this point, identify strengths and needs, and create an action plan for working toward equity in engineering and engineering education. The symposium will bring together about 50 experts in engineering equity, literacy education, engineering education, and engineering and making practice who will participate in interactive panels, workshops, and plenary sessions over the course of two days. The purpose of this symposium is to review and evaluate the state of research on literacy in engineering and to set an agenda for research, practice, and professional development in K-16 engineering literacy in both formal and informal settings. In particular, the symposium will focus on using literacy research to move toward equity in engineering. The conference is funded by the NSF ITEST program and is jointly organized by TERC, Utah State University, The University of Texas El Paso, Angelo State University, and The University of Texas at San Antonio.