Principal Investigator: Karen Mutch-Jones and Gilly Puttick

Funders: National Science Foundation

TERC and EDC are undertaking a three-year research project to study the extent to which special and general educators engaged in Lesson Study increase their knowledge of science content and learning disabilities, and apply new knowledge to improve teaching practice in inclusive science classrooms.

This research study uses the Lesson Study professional development model to support the collaboration of science teachers and special educators as they create accommodations to make science accessible to their students with mild to moderate learning disabilities.

Lesson Study is a process of teacher reflective practice and collaboration. Teams of teachers formulate learning goals and plan instruction accordingly. One teacher implements the planned instruction while the rest of the team collects extensive data on student learning during the lessons. Teachers revise and re-teach research lessons based on what they have learned.

The project will focus on: the development of teacher knowledge of science and special education during the Lesson Study intervention, the development of science specific accommodations and changes in classroom practice correlated with changes in teacher knowledge, and student participation and learning correlated with improved classroom practice.