Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Rowe and Diana Nunnaley

Funders: National Science Foundation

Kids' Survey Network (KSN) is an apprenticeship network whose goal is to prepare the nation’s future adults to understand and use survey data that are pertinent to everyday concerns and public opinions of government, business, science, health, and other domains affecting the quality of our everyday lives. Working in teams, KSN participants, ages 11-14, develop their research, survey question writing, and data analysis capabilities through playing games, taking surveys, watching videos, providing feedback to other KSN teams, engaging in challenging online learning activities, and completing their own survey projects on topics of their choice. KSN is a web-based community of practice distributed across a national network of program-based teams. The project’s research study examines the apprenticeship network as a model for delivering challenging activities linked to STEM learning in informal student settings. This project is funded by the National Science Foundation.