Principal Investigator: Karen Mutch-Jones and Debra Bernstein

Funders: The National Science Foundation

Website:  I-ECS

Partners: Rochester Institute of Technology

Full title: I-ECS: Inclusive Exploring CS Curriculum Enhancement as Face-to-Face and Online Support for Visually Impaired, High School Students

To create access to the Exploring Computer Science curriculum and to broaden participation of students with visual impairments, the I-ECS team at Rochester Institute of Technology has developed enhancements for the Human Computer Interaction, Problem Solving, Robotics, Web Design, and Data Analysis units. The enhancements include software tools, such as Glance for data analysis and JBrick for robotics programming, as well as physical, tactile, and auditory curricular accommodations. The SEEC team is studying usability and the extent to which the enhancements support participation, engagement, and learning for students with visual impairments.