Principal Investigator: Jeff Lockwood

Funders: National Science Foundation

TERC is collaborating with SRI International (SRI) and Girls Incorporated of Alameda County (GIAC) to create an out-of-school, interest-driven STEM curriculum and programming for underrepresented urban girls in grades 8-11 in Oakland, California. Girls InnovaTE3: Girls Innovating with Technology as Entrepreneurial Environmental Engineers is a Strategies project funded through NSF’s ITEST program that is helping girls develop a deep understanding of a few “big ideas” in Earth systems science and engineering to provide them with a entry point to further meaningful and successful experiences with STEM learning. The problem-based curriculum engages girls in research design activities as a way to build and sustain their interest in STEM—participants in the program will participate in the study and formulation of engineering designs that address environmental issues (like global warming and climate change) with particular attention to connecting scientific problem-solving to observable societal and community outcomes. In addition, this project exposes girls to a variety of career options by connecting them to STEM professionals through field trips, internships, and opportunities to present their work to members of the science and business communities.

Girls InnovaTE3 will provide a high school continuation of the IT and science programs available to middle school girls through GIAC. During the grant, the InnovaTE3 program will reach 135 unique girls; 45 new girls join the program each year. Beyond the grant phase, the InnovaTE3 curriculum will be available to Girls Incorporated affiliates nationwide, and is collectively expected to reach more than 800,000 girls annually.