Principal Investigator: Tamara Shapiro Ledley

Funders: National Science Foundation

This project facilitates the active integration of research and education by bringing together a professionally-diverse community that includes data providers, tools developers, scientists, curriculum developers, and educators for the purpose of 1) informing each other of their data use needs and capabilities, 2) contributing their expertise to the development of an educational module (a chapter in the Earth Exploration Toolbook) that features research quality Earth science datasets and data analysis tools, and 3) developing ongoing relationships with professionally diverse colleagues. The Earth Exploration Toolbook chapters that are completed as a result of this project are made available to a broad spectrum of the educational community. In addition, as part of the Earth Exploration Toolbook collection, the chapters are featured in a separately funded teacher professional development program.

The National Science Foundation has made this project possible through grant number EAR-0623136.