Principal Investigator: Ann S RoseberyBeth Warren, Eli Tucker-Raymond, and Linda Nathan (BAA)

Funders: National Science Foundation


In Educating the Imagination, a collaborative team of Chèche Konnen staff, faculty of the Boston Arts Academy and King Open School, and scientists and artists from the greater Boston community are designing, developing and investigating a prototype “studio science learning environment” for high school students from historically underrepresented communities. The studio model will integrate art and science habits of mind—e.g., close looking, analysis, modeling, and making with ongoing experimentation and critique—as the foundation of learning and teaching. In the studio environment, students will a) engage in interdisciplinary, object-centered inquiries into water-related problems of local and global significance; b) develop multimodal, digitally-mediated responses to the studied objects that aim to provoke new forms of thinking-imagining-acting in the world; and c) exhibit their responses publicly with the purpose of involving the larger community in re-imagining water in relation to problems of human development, social and economic justice, and environmental sustainability. The studio science learning environment will initially be developed as a summer program, with a longer-term goal of developing a comprehensive studio approach to meaningful interdisciplinary learning and teaching in middle and high school.