Principal Investigator:

Funders: National Science Foundation  and the American Geological Institute


Earth Science by Design brings Understanding by Design to Earth Science

Developed by TERC and the American Geological Institute with funding from the National Science Foundation, ESBD is a year-long program of professional development for middle or high school teachers based on the Understanding by Design approach pioneered by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe. ESBD has been field-tested by staff developers in eight sites nationwide.

The ESBD Program offers a Complete Professional Development Package for Staff developers, including:

  • The ESBD Handbook—everything you need to offer the program, including detailed workshop lesson plans
  • The ESBD Web Site—where you can advertise your program, register your teachers, and where teachers can develop curriculum units online
  • Online resources for Earth Science teaching and learning
  • PowerPoint presentations for workshops
  • DVD video of teacher reflections

All materials except the DVD are available for free download at