Principal Investigator: Carla McAuliffe
Funders: National Science Foundation

EET ( is an online resource for teachers and students. It is a collection of computer-based learning activities within the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) and the Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE). Activities or “chapters” in the EET provide step-by-step instructions for accessing specific data and analyzing it with a software analysis tool to explore issues or concepts in science, technology, and mathematics. TERC is facilitating two-hour professional development experiences for teachers on using the NSDL, DLESE, and an EET chapter. Workshop participants use their own Internet-connected computers and dial into a toll-free group teleconference for step-by-step facilitation and interaction. Usage data are being gathered through pre- and post-workshop surveys and post-implementation surveys. These survey data are providing evaluative input to help improve both the workshops and the chapters, and to determine the effectiveness of the workshops in increasing the use of digital libraries, and in getting Earth science data used by students.

The National Science Foundation has made this project possible through grant number DUE-0532881.