Principal Investigator: Joni Falk and Kathryn Hobbs

Funders: National Science Foundation

This two-year project is researching, designing, and facilitating a web presence for the National Science Foundation’s “Innovation through Instructional Integration” (I3) program— a track instituted in 2008 to challenge United States higher education institutions to strategically integrate NSF awards into programming to address the scientific, educational, and technological challenges currently facing our society. Building on the collective experience of the project team in researching, initiating, and managing electronic communities of practice, the 13 site will be designed around extensive user research and collegial design principles.

The proposed website will make the 13 track more transparent to stakeholders and the public to improve visibility of the 13 projects and effectively disseminate project solicitations, research, and achievements—unifying the internal online community of users through a manageable and organized design hierarchy to optimize opportunities to share resources, highlights, research, and related project work across the various program locales.