Principal Investigator: Tamara Shapiro Ledley
Funders: National Science Foundation

This project seeks to overcome the challenges of effectively communicating the facts of climate change by combining new and ongoing initiatives to create an approach to climate change education in which students gain an understanding of cutting edge science and new media tools. In this, TERC is working with UMass-Lowell to develop new undergraduate- and graduate-level interdisciplinary courses and course modules in climate change at that include the use of NASA data products; create a new urban summer program in which high school students produce videos and animations on climate change science using Cambridge Rindge & Latin School’s innovative Media Arts Studio; leverage the new UMass Lowell Climate Change Initiative’s (CCI’s) Annual Climate Change Teach In to bring high school and university students and faculty together and to engage the broader communities in climate change literacy; enhance NASA’s existing web-based resources on climate change with videos produced through this effort; and expand the program to other school systems through teacher development workshops held at UMass Lowell.