Principal Investigator: James (Jim) Hammerman

Funders: National Science Foundation and Mississippi State University


The Climate Literacy Partnership in the Southeast (CLiPSE) is a Phase I NSF-CCEP project whose goal is to create and build a network of partners to conduct climate literacy education across the southeast US region, so that citizens in informal and formal educational environments can: a) understand the basics of the earth’s climate system; b) effectively engage in informed discussions about climate change; and c) make considered and evidence-based decisions regarding adaptation and mitigation strategies. The project taps diverse expertise to develop materials for community and religious groups, members of the business and policy communities, as well as for formal and informal education environments. The Phase I project is identifying resources and issues, conducting a needs assessment, and developing a strategic plan for larger scale impact. TERC's evaluation of CLiPSE focuses on tracking the process of bringing together these disparate communities and concerns to accomplish its several goals, the health of the resulting network, and on development of the formative and summative evaluation plans for the Phase II project. Project PIs are located at Mississippi State University, University of Mississippi, and University of Alabama, Huntsville, and project partners represent a wide variety of organizations and institutions.