Principal Investigator: James (Jim) Hammerman, Polly Hubbard, and Karen Mutch-Jones

Funders: Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Foundation and US Department of Labor

TERC designed and implemented a multi-year evaluation study for the BioTeach Program of MassBioEd. BioTeach provided biotechnology lab materials and professional development supports to high school teachers across Massachusetts. In different years, BioTeach also included a mobile lab that traveled to schools to demonstrate labs, work with the Boston Museum of Science, and development of a Life Sciences Career Development (LSCD) program to encourage students to consider careers in science.

Formative evaluation focused on the effectiveness of professional development workshops and the extent to which schools, teachers, and counselors implemented their BioTeach grants (e.g., incorporated materials and lab activities). Summative evaluation focused on changes in teacher efficacy and knowledge of biotechnology, use of labs, school support for biotechnology teaching, and attitudes of teachers and students towards biotechnology. Students' levels of participation in biotechnology schoolwork, internships, and college enrollment, were followed.