Principal Investigator: Brian Drayton and Gilly Puttick

Funders: National Science Foundation

Salem State College, in partnership with TERC, Universidad de Puerto Rico en Humacao, and other Massachusetts and Puerto Rico Public Schools is developing the Atlantic Partnership for the Biological Sciences—an NSF-funded initiative to facilitate cross-cultural life science teaching and learning in two colleges and up to seventeen districts in eastern Massachusetts and eastern Puerto Rico.

This five-year partnership program will examine the best practices for biological science teaching across linguistic and cultural boundaries. Project investigators will develop a teacher professional development model that will focus on the needs of Latino students; strategize to create appropriate technological supports for teachers; and design a collaboration plan for professors at Salem State College and the Universidad de Puerto Rico en Humacao to share pedagogical strategies. The collaboration model delineated through the Atlantic Partnership will serve as the exemplary model for future partnerships between K-12 biology teachers in the United States and Puerto Rico.

National Science Foundation has made this project possible through grant number DUE-0928417.

Lead Partner: Salem State College

Core Partners: TERC, Universidad de Puerto Rico en Humacao, Puerto Rico Department of Education, Salem Public Schools