Principal Investigator: Jodi Asbell-Clarke

Funders: National Science Foundation


Arcadia: The Next Generation studies how the game elements from Leveling Up can be integrated into a transmedia gaming environment, Arcadia, for collaborative scientific inquiry among a community of game players. EdGE and its commercial game design partner, GameGurus, are creating narratives that connect the content in Leveling Up games with data collection and stewardship activities in the real world and engage players in scientific inquiry about issues relevant to their lives.

EdGE researchers will study how this kind of gaming environment can integrate a variety of media platforms and be used to foster a sustainable community of public scientific inquiry. The design, development, and research on Arcadia will inform the STEM education community about the interplay between gamers’ motivation and behaviors in the gaming community, and how they can be leveraged for STEM learning. With Arcadia, EdGE strives to inform game designers and STEM educators about how to build towards economic sustainability of an educational gaming environment, and will potentially transform the way educators see STEM learning environments in the future.