Principal Investigator: Eli Tucker-Raymond

Funders: The Motorola Foundation

Agua, Water, Dlo (AWD) is an afterschool learning environment that engages underrepresented middle school youth in inquiries about water. AWD will create an intersection of technology, environmental science, and hydropolitics with the dual goals of educating youth on the relevance of these fields to their lives and futures and helping students see themselves as active participants in these fields. AWD's goal is to answer the question: how can social networking and media production, practiced in concert with culturally-responsive models of scientific investigation, be strategically integrated to attract underrepresented youth to science and technology-related careers?

TERC will collaborate with afterschool programs in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Chicago, Illinois. Youth will attend the program for 4 hours a week for 30 weeks and will engage in website development, social networking, and digital video, photography and podcast production based around collaborative, substantive scientific inquiry into the complexities of water.