Principal Investigator: Andee Rubin

Funders: National Science Foundation

This project is developing and testing strategies for building math literacy through interactive exhibits and activities that replicate the algebraic thinking that creative professionals use in their careers. Through building on a reasoning process that entails looking for patterns and relationships among data, representing relationships mathematically, and using representations to describe, analyze, and predict outcomes, visitors will be able to experience the real-world applicability of algebra. The 5,000 square foot traveling exhibit will feature a variety of stations where middle schoolers can—for example—apply x and y coordinate grid patterning to make tee-shirt designs as Fashion Designers; compare gear ratio to wheel revolutions to model the fastest bike prototypes as Bicycle Designers; or model forces of gravity for a racing video game as Game Developers. Researchers will work closely with an “Exhibit Development Team” of middle school students from the Blazers Boys and Girls Club throughout the project.

National Science Foundation has made this project possible through grant number DRL-0714634.