Publisher: Pearson Learning Group

Help students to build problem-solving and math communication skills which are key areas in the NCTM Standards, using high-interest lessons that gradually move from short, focused activities to extended investigations. This NSF Funded Program offers well-planned units to give younger students a head start on grasping key concepts of collecting, recording, displaying, interpreting data, and making decisions based on their analysis. Each book contains a unit that requires approximately 15 class sessions to complete. The lessons offer work with real-life topics, and students are encouraged to find solutions and make decisions as a team. The primary level books emphasize the building blocks of data analysis, which include counting, measuring, sorting, and classifying. The upper-grade books focus on statistics and graphing using real data and real-life problem-solving situations.

  • Measuring from Paces to Feet
    What better way to help students learn about numbers then to have them measure and explore their own characteristics and the classroom environment? Challenging activities require students to collect, display, and interpret data using different scales of measurement. Footsticks and inchsticks can be used with Measuring: From Paces to Feet.
  • Statistics: Prediction and SamplingEncourages students to make reasonable inferences from a population sample. Activities introduce students to basic ideas about sample size, bias, and the process of making inferences. Companion poster A Sample of Cats can be used with Statistics: Prediction and Sampling.