Publisher: Pearson


This book is an extensive guide aimed at helping teachers and administrators answer the question, "How do we engage parents as partners in the work of improving mathematics teaching and learning for all students?" Although written specifically to support teachers and administrators in schools or districts using theInvestigations in Number, Data, and Space curriculum, much of this book will be useful to anyone looking for ways to communicate with all stakeholders about how and why mathematics teaching and learning is changing.

The first section describes, in some detail, concrete ideas for communicating and collaborating with parents on the subject of school mathematics. Chapters address: barriers facing true partnerships, and strategies for overcoming them; issues and options in hosting math events for parents and families, from a single Parent Night to a series of classes over time; homework as an avenue for communication with families, and strategies for helping parents see the math in the work their children do. Finally there is an extensive chapter that provides sample responses from classroom teachers, administrators, and the mathematics education research community to the most frequently heard questions and concerns of parents. The second section offers three perspectives on establishing and effective home-school relationships, looking specifically at the role of classroom teachers, school administrators, and parent leaders.