Publisher: Dale Seymour Publications

These sets of math games are designed for parents and their elementary age children to play together and at home, at school functions, in the library, and at after-school programs or clubs. The games, based on Investigations in Number, Data, and Space®, the K-5 math curriculum developed at TERC, can also be used as a classroom resource. Each Math Pack contains everything needed to play, including directions, score sheets, and materials such as dice, plastic chips, and number cards. Math Packs also include information on the math content in each game, and ideas for helping children and parents get the most out of learning and playing together.

Counting Games: How Many in All?
Counting, addition, and coin games. Ages 5-8.

Number Games from 10 to 20: More, Less, or Equal?
Addition and subtraction. Ages 5-8.

Data Games: Use the Clues!
Logic, sorting, and data. Ages 5-12.

Computational Games: How Close Can You Get?
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with whole numbers and decimals. Ages 8-12.