Publisher: TERC

Funded by: National Science Foundation

Do you like playing games? Building models? Eating? Talking with friends? Running and jumping? Exploring and discovering? Then this new 86-page full-color book full of Mixing in Math activities with fun instructional pictures is for you! Food Fights, Puzzles and Hideouts is a Mixing in Math book that presents hundreds of full-color interdisciplinary math games, projects, and activities that can be done at home, at after-school programs, at school, or 'mixed in' to car rides, snack times, and parties. This book contains:

  • All kinds of games: coin, dice, and board; quiet and active; partner and whole group. Play to win or play so everyone wins!
  • Build, design, create, and grow with projects and crafts that use everyday materials like paper towel tubes and cardboard boxes.
  • Icebreakers, party games, challenges, and contests designed for a crowd.
  • Activities to do and games to play wherever you are: in the car, on the bus, in a waiting room, or at the dinner table.
  • Things to do on familiar holidays (like July 4), less common holidays (like Backward Day) and any day. Includes a bonus set of ideas for celebrating 100 days.
  • Now available in Spanish.

The activities, games, and projects in this book span the key topics in the elementary grades Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Many of the ideas in this book are interdisciplinary, including topics in engineering, science, social studies, and literacy.